Pelikan has some incredibly priced everyday pens. Remember that ballpoints (first invented in Hungary under the trade name Biro) are a fairly recent invention. We only stock a few Pelikan pens, but can order any current production Pelikan pen for you.


Nib sizes and filling
Evolution of Script

Evolution of Script Limited Edition

Evolution of script

The cap of the pen is engraved with cave painting motifs. The barrel, which is gold-plated with lacquer embellishments, displays other early forms of writing as finely drawn symbols, hand-engraved in masterly fashion. The individual epochs are visually separated by gold-plated rings, in order to symbolise appropriately the line of development.

The incomparable nature of this collectors’ item is very apparent in the 18-carat gold nib, which is embossed with a unique design for this edition. On the clip, the shape of which reflects the overall form of the pen, the same pattern as is embossed in high relief, recessed into the clip.

Technically too, this masterpiece represents the culture of writing in its purest form. Solid brass components guarantee reliable functionality combined with the highest degree of writing comfort. The artistic realisation of the theme, united with the consummate workmanship exercised on materials of the highest quality, makes "Evolution of Script" a highly desirable object, particularly for collectors.

The plunger fountain pen is to be produced in a limited edition restricted to 930 examples worldwide: this recalls the first European adaptation of the Phoenician alphabet, which occurred on Crete in around 930 BC. The edition number, which is engraved on the end of the filling knob, makes each fountain pen unmistakably a one-and-only object.

In stock in F nib. List price is $1,800. Please e-mail me by clicking here for ordering instructions (do not e-mail me your credit card information!)

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Majesty M7000

Majesty Closed

Majesty open
Exclusive series of writing instruments of .925 sterling silver
Noble design and latest technology
The cap of the Majesty series is ornamented with artistic diamond chasing through which a piece of history is carried on into the present day and preserved for eternity:
Fashioned with the finest craftsmanship, brilliantly diamond-engraved and gold-plated
Original details from the stone wall frieze at Pelikan’s headquarters factory in Hanover

  • Historic Pelikan frieze
  • Sprung clip
  • Elaborately fluted barrel
  • Casing of 925 sterling silver, platinum-plated
  • Fountain pen with unusual covering for the ink reservoir
  • 18-carat gold nib with sumptuous embellishments

In stock in M or F nib. List price is $1,350. Please e-mail me by clicking here for ordering instructions (do not e-mail me your credit card information!)

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Available Nib Sizes
(for most Pelikan pens)


Even if your don't have a Pelikan pen, you should click the pic to download this one page 'how to fill your pen' instruction sheet. Filling your pen the right way might prevent you from ruining a shirt! It's in Adobe Acrobat format which you will need to download from here. It's free and runs on Macintosh or that other computer. How to fill your Pelikan pen

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