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Owner's Club 2009 LE

The 2009 Bexley Owners Club Edition uses a material that is highly sought-after by pen enthusiasts -- mottled hard rubber. This is a natural substance, manufactured from natural latex harvested from rubber plants, combined with sulfur to harden it, and oxides to color it. For example, lamp black had traditionally been added for black, and iron oxide for red hard rubber.

Pen aficionados often call it ebonite, and appreciate how it feels warmer to the touch than plastics, its durability, and its rich, deep colors.

In recognition of our sixteenth year, there are 116 fountain pens in red/black ebonite, and 116 in olive/black ebonite, both with yellow gold trim. There are also 116 fountain pens in blue/black ebonite with rhodium trim. The grip sections, plus the top and bottom screws are made from matching solid black ebonite. The pens also feature our popular roller ball clip and a 'rhomboid' style cap band.

The pens are equipped with Bexley's two-tone 18k solid gold nibs in fine, medium, broad, or broad stub widths. They fill from standard ink cartridges, or the supplied piston-filling converters.

The Bexley Owners Club pens are bench-made in their factory in Columbus, Ohio. Their master craftsmen make each pen individually - cutting, shaping, smoothing, test-fitting, adjusting, assembling, polishing the body, installing your nib, and testing the finished pen for proper performance.

In a world of mass production, it is a pleasure to produce a bench-made, high-quality product. In fact, Bexley Pen is the only writing instrument manufacturer still making fine fountain pens in the USA. It would be their privilege to make one for you.

MSRP for the FP is $395 (116 Serialized Pieces) each color -- Red, Olive, and Blue

One each olive and blue are in stock, serial number 108. Please e-mail me by clicking here for your price and ordering instructions (do not e-mail me your credit card information!).


2009 Owner's Club pen



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